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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Pre Release Portable

So i recently got a hold of sodime information on the pre-release for Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Altho the magnificent DeBlur filter is not included in this pre release, there are a few things that are worth mentioning.
Please note that what is shown in this Pre Release may or may not be implemented in the Public Release.
Let’s take a look at some of the features in CS6 PR.

New Interface :

Yes, with Photoshop CS6 comes a new Dark interface. I guess this is so that it will be not so harsh on the eyes when working long hours on PS. It’s a great addition and also looks pretty neat. You can change the interface color in General Settings.Let’s take a look now at some features.
Kind :

Now we see that in our Layer panel we have a new Kind feature. It doesn’t have a name yet but i will just call it Kind Feature. What does it do? What Kind does is Sort out the layers based on Kind,Name, Effect, Color, Type, Mode and Attribute. It’s really nifty if you have a big project with a lot of Layers. Kind sorts out everything by your search parameters.
Remix Tool :

The Remix Tool works like the Patch Tool and uses Content Aware or whatever you chose, to take a specific part of an object and carefully Duplicate it and / or Move it to another place. As you can see here, I copied the eye on the Forehead and the..chest :D and you would be surprised on how well it blends the selections. This will most likely replace the patch tool completely. There is WAY more to this tool but I won’t spoil it all :)
Workspaces :

Just your Typical Workspaces. Don’t be fooled by the “New in CS5″ text, it’s CS6.  That brings you to a user friendly Interface with Mini bridge and 3D and Brush Presets etc. Really nifty.
3D :Now 3D is extremely worked upon in CS6. I think that for CS6 were focusing a lot on the 3D. Let me show you what I mean.
New Type Menu :

Now I won’t be spoiling anything too much so I will focus on the Extrude to 3D function. Because it is amazing.
Now  I prepared a Background layer and a Text Layer.

Lets see what happens when I select the Text Layer and click on Extrude To 3D :

LOOK AT THAT. It turned my text and background in a completely 3D view environment similar to Cinema4D. Let’s take a Zoomed Out look.

Amazing! Your layers are on a huuuge plane. You even have an Infinite Light (the white circle in the upper left).

You can edit it’s intensity and Position and such. I won’t spoil any more of this one, you will see when it comes out :D
Other 3D Controls :


hey added some 3D Controls in some of the Menus. In the 3RD Pic you see that you can create a 3D Object out of any layer you have selected. Marvelous isn’t it!!!?!!
Well that’s about it for this Teaser. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak and remember, there are tons and tons of more features to CS6 other than the ones that I showed you today. Those are for you to discover!
PS: Remember to check our Render Gallery!
PPS: CS6 also has a Flash 3D Viewer


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